• Scale continuous deployment practices across the engineering
    department. Equip our teams to ship software reliably, frequently, and with minimal trouble. Teams use reusable patterns and guidance from you to be able to practice DevOps (end-to-end production ownership within each cross-functional team). This means you’ll work with tools and infrastructure in addition to managing processes and practices.
  • Extend our reusable service template and its associated CI/CD tooling.
  • Build and extend our production observability. Help teams manage and achieve SLOs.
  • Coach teams on operational ownership. Lead and teach blame-free root cause analysis for incidents that impact the customer or our delivery performance.
  • Operate our original monolith through its transition to services owned by product teams. The department is executing a monolith decomposition plan that you’ll help accelerate.
  • Build and operate platform-level shared services such as our API
    gateway (Kong) and authorization service.
  • You are an advocate for DevOps practices and principles. We have the buy-in, now it’s about the execution of the vision.
  • You have software development experience, whether as a developer or in operational roles that involved coding. Proficiency in a software development language – we use Python for most things but understand your skills from any language are transferable.
  • You understand mature operational practices. Ability to build, manage, and maintain scalable infrastructure.
  • Hands-on experience with configuration automation (eg Terraform or Ansible, but anything is fine), CI/deployment automation (eg Jenkins, Spinnaker), Docker, feature flags (we use LaunchDarkly), observability tooling (Datadog), cloud providers (we’re all-in on AWS with the rare GCP service).