• Implement new features for the Top Hat Android apps.
  • Use a data-driven approach to understand user behavior and plan work.
  • Work closely with our Mobile Developers, Designer, PM & Full-stack teams to help bring beautiful, usable, and fast mobile designs to life.
  • Provide solutions to exciting new challenges.
  • Improve application performance and reliability.
  • Write tests and contribute to building maintainable code.
  • Release bi-weekly updates to the Play Store.
  • Refactor and improve existing legacy code.
  • Work primarily in Kotlin.

2 years of experience with the recent Android Framework and its documentation. Able to actively learn and keep up-to-date with recent Android OS releases and features.
Strong experience developing Android apps using Kotlin.
Experience with recursive programming.
Experience with architecture design patterns, for example, MVP and MVVM.
Experience with Dependency Injection frameworks, for example, Dagger.
Experience with Asynchronous Programming, for example, Theads, Handlers, Executors, RxJava.