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Who we are

We’re a company by employees, for employees. Our people-first approach results in long-lasting business relationships where we practically become an extension of your company through honest and transparent cooperation.

How we really differ from the rest

WE HAVE NEVER and will never try to avoid paying our fair share of taxes by looking for loopholes or registering employees with lower salaries than what they really make.

**Spoiler alert**: the most-known companies in our category in Mexico have done or still do this.

Our focus is on making lives better for families. Every single employee is covered by a Major AND Minor Health Insurance. Not only that: we also cover the spouse and typically two children. Other companies differentiate between employees, only offer Major Insurance with high deductibles, and do not cover other family members.

We follow the golden rule: treat everyone as one would like to be treated. Our bureaucracy is almost non-existent, and we handle our business with the principles of a co-op. “Weird” fact: 23% of employees make as much or more than the CEO.

Work with Aviada

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No person should feel mistrust of their employer. Unfortunately, our own experience as employees has taught us that everyone’s well-being is not always the priority.

The bad examples that we have known for years served as a guide to the bad practices of Mexican companies: deceptive payment schemes, excessive bureaucracy, labor law violations, lack of empathy, stagnant salaries, breach of promises, etc. Our promise was and remains to NEVER be a part of that group, no matter what the reason.

Almost all companies use the same phrase: “We are different”. The key to all this is: in what? Different for having a games room? A ping-pong table in a different color? Prettier boardrooms?

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Note to VCs: Aviada is not for sale. Please look somewhere else.