Partnering with Aviada

Aviada is a company by employees, for employees. Created in 2017, we've constantly grown without having to resort to marketing campaigns or third-party investments with one simple rule: do what's right. In the end, when employees win, you win.

As former software engineering and marketing employees for other Mexican companies, we dreamt of working in a place where we wouldn't be just a number or an afterthought. We saw and sometimes suffered the bureaucracy, disrespect and desdain from "corporate overlords", and we knew that we could do it better. From day one we vowed to put people first, and never engage in any activity where we could come out as sole winners thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of many others. Furthermore, we saw the cheating and abuse from other big competitors, and chose to get in the game rather than see them become the only option for many of our friends.

Where has that led us? We basically operate as a co-op, where everyone has a say in big decisions, and where everyone can be 100% sure that the well-being of the employees comes before the profits of the executives.

What does this mean to you? It means that since we're not motivated by greed, our profit margins are razor-thin, which in turn translates to much lower costs for you, higher salaries for the employees, and happier and more stable families. It means that we're not looking to sell out to the highest bidder, and we are looking to develop strong and long-lasting relationships with your company and your current employees.

Benefits for all Aviada employees

100% of salary registered at the Social Security office.

Unlike other companies, we have never reported lower salaries to avoid paying taxes.

At least 10 days of vacation

Since first year of work.

Minor and Major Private Health Insurance

$20,000,000 MXN in coverage for all employees and direct family, regardless of position or tenure.

Gym membership allowance

Healthy body, healthy mind. We extend this benefit to each employee's spouse.

Statutory Benefits

25% premium for vacation days, 15 days Christmas bonus, 10% Profits share.

Life Insurance

With disability insurance included.